First Post – Tutorial on Wine using PlayOnLinux

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One Comment on “First Post – Tutorial on Wine using PlayOnLinux”

  1. unxtool01 Says:

    I am a New User GNU / Linux.
    i’m using Xubuntu 11:10 on my laptop Toshiba AMD / ATI.

    I started the last month with ubuntu, but some friends convinced me to play Battlefield Play4Free (not playing video games for years as now). I kept another partition for win7 to play … the problem is that I realized that that fact makes me lazy on learning Linux.

    So, 5 days ago i decided to pass once and for all to Linux. has been difficult to learn to work with the command line and the whole OS. It was very difficult to install and use Mastersys because it was not in the Program Center. 5 DVDs messed up to get to Mastersys-gtk 3.0.2-1, but I knew if I didn’t quit i could learn about Linux (and indeed I learned very much. But yesterday I realized an easiest way to instal it LOL) … now I can mess up in linux and then format and install my costumed Xubuntu with updats already made ​​…

    now the wine … for 3 days Wine has been my headache!! =( = (
    I’ve been frying my head. the game does not run! and I know it is because i’m runing Wine on 32bit!! ….

    I learned even more about Linux because of that, about commands and everything … but I’ve literally so tired = (= (

    I go to Switzerland alone try to find work next month, and I wanna take my laptop ready to use programs on 32 and 64 bit … I wanna play with my friends and talk with my girlfriend and see my baby son by webcam without problems BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO USE WINDOWS!!
    I like the philosophy of linux and I want to contribute in this project …

    so I come here asking for help, if you give me all the steps to activate wine to work with 32 and 64bit …

    i’m already confused with the activations!!dont know what the coamnd line ./blablabla and whatis Wow64, i’m confused!!… ufff

    do you help me??

    i discovered this files and downloaded them:


    wine_gecko-1.3.5-x86_64.msi (don’t know onde to put)

    chek this to!! can help:

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